On 1 April 2012 Dr. Durval de Noronha Goyos Jr. will be hosting a welcome dinner at his residence to a delegation of Nantong, São José do Rio Preto’s sister city.

The delegation is formed by Messrs Xu Yongbing Vice Mayor of Nantong; Shi Dewei Secretary of Administration of the city of Nantong; Yin Jianyong Vice President of Development and Reform Commission of Nantong; Xue Yifu Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Nantong; Zhu Zhonghui Chairman of Sincerity and Credit Group Int; and Jun Mao Chairman of Cultivation Tianmeng Nantong Co., Ltd.

In addition,  the Mayor  of S. J. do Rio Preto, Valdomiro Lopes will also be present. The food buffet will be signed by Manoel Carlos whilst musical entertainment will be provided by Anisinho and Mestre Boca.