On April 24,  Dr.  Durval de Noronha Goyos Jr will give a lecture on the Chinese economy, entitled China: Economia, Investimentos e Comércio, at the Escola Paulista de Direito (EPD) in São Paulo.


Dr. Noronha is Chairman of the Executive Committee of Noronha Advogados.


The firm has two offices in China (in Shanghai since 2001 and in Beijing since 2009), in Johannesburg, South Africa , and in New Delhi, India.


The lecture will deal with important issues pertaining to China’s economy. This theme is very important for lawyers and executives who wish to maintain commercial activities with that country,  Brazil’s main trading partner and investor.


Dr. Noronha is the author of over 40 books, amongst them, “Negócios na China – Guia Legal”; “China pós OMC –  Direito e Comércio”; “Dicionários de Mandarim PinYin” and “O Crepúsculo do Império e a Aurora da China”. He is also arbiter of CIETAC – China International Arbitration.


Time: From 19:00 to 21:00

Location: Salão Nobre  EPD