Noronha Advogados was a pioneer in Computer, Internet and E-commerce law in Brazil and Latin America. Its experience in international law, as well as the geographic coverage of its offices throughout the world, allows the sector to render services of the highest complexity demanded by clients, including some of the largest companies in the world, across various jurisdictions.

Main activities:

• Drafting of technical contracts, such as: development of software and hardware, distribution and licensing of software and hardware, assistance and maintenance of software and hardware, development of Web Site;

• Web Site host, Internet access provider, Internet Service Provider – ISP, E-commerce Service Provider – CSP;

• Orientation about frame, link, banner and cross-marketing;

• Negotiation of Internet content;

• Register and acquisition of Domain name;

• Trademark and Domain name disputes;

• Judicial writs against piracy of Domain name (cyber-squatters);

• Advice on issues of copyright related to the Internet;

• Orientation to companies regarding the policies of access via the Internet and e-mail;

• Drafting of terms and conditions for the use of Web Sites;

• Advice related to the questions of cookies and data protection;

• Advice on questions of the conflict of jurisdiction and the applicable law on sales of goods and services on-line;

• Advice on issues regarding consumer’s rights for the on-line sale of goods and services.