The banking and insurance practice advises financial companies and institutions on structuring trans-national operations and deals.  The practice has extensive experience with sovereign debt, as well as private issues in the voluntary markets. The sector also specializes in the securitisation of Brazilian receivables by Brazilians, with the participation of foreign guarantors and international funds investing in the Brazilian stock market.

The professionals working in this area have wide experience in the international financial markets and are qualified to practice law in England, Portugal and Brazil. A large portion of their work is related to negotiating, documenting and implementing international operations, governed by the laws of England, both in Brail and Portugal, where we work closely with the local authorities.

Main activities:

• Structuring of financial operations;

• Private issues in the voluntary markets;

• Securitization of receivables;

• Commercial banking and credit lines;

• Insurance advice;

• Transactions in the secondary international market.

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