The tax department provides advice and assistance in relation to all aspects of Brazilian domestic taxation, including Federal, State ands Municipal taxes. The department also works closely with the international tax department in developing tax strategies for international clients investing in Brazil.

Main activities:

• Advice on Brazilian transfer pricing issues;

• Advice on customs valuations;

• Advice and assistance on requests for favourable taxation treatment in the customs field, including special import and export regimes, Free Trade Zones, tax exemptions etc;.

• Preparation of legal opinions on a wide variety of complex taxation issues;

• Developing tax strategies for specific transactions and/or day-day transactions;

• Advice and assistance on tax aspects of corporate restructuring (spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, joint-ventures and liquidations);

• Advice and assistance in relation to tax incentives;

• Formulation of legal consultations before public administration bodies.

• Accompanying developments in draft legislation;

• Due diligence investigations on tax liabilities and/or contingent liabilities;

• Tax accounting;

• Tax planning for artistic, cultural and sporting projects.

Robert E. Williams