The Mining and Energy department advises on the respective regulatory environment applicable to each sector. In relation to mining the department provides advice and assistance in all the procedures for the formation of a mining company and obtaining the relevant authorizations and permits with the respective government departments (National Department of Mineral Research and Ministry of Mines and Energy). In relation to the energy sector (oil, gas and electricity), the department  provides advice and assistance in relation to the acquisition and operation of companies involved in the sector, including as regards obtaining and/or renewing of relevant authorizations, permits and licenses, with the competent authorities (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, Ministry of Mines and Energy, National Petroleum Agency).

Main activities:

• Drafting of documents to participate in national and international bids;

• Analysis of public notices, guarantees demanded in the bids and taking appropriate legal measures, where  appropriate

• Study of the possibility of economic-financial adjustments in administrative contracts already signed;

• Study of the different contractual environments in the free and regulated energy markets;

• Analysis of the best legal structure for investments in the business of generating, transmission and distribution of energy, obtained from any source (hydraulics, thermal, nuclear, wind or solar);

• Advice and assistance in drafting exploration contracts, transport and distribution contracts for oil, gas and derivatives, as well as the contracting  and operation of gas pipelines;

• Analysis and structuring of oil and gas import and export operations;

• Advice and assistance in drafting contracts for the construction of plants and the supply of fuels.

Rodrigo Gomes Maia