The Entertainment department was a pioneer in this area, dealing inter alia with issues such as copyright law, tourism, culture and sport. The department represents the interests of some of leading cinema, television and publicity companies, in Brazil and abroad, providing legal advice and assistance in a wide range of areas, including developing efficient tax planning structures in conjunction with the firm’s tax departments. The department assists foreign production companies, when working in Brazil, at all stages of the production process, including visas, obtaining permission for filming in Brazil, contract drafting at every stage of the production and also the financing of cultural and sports projects.

With the support of the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles, the firm published “Legal Guide for Filming in Brazil”, with a view to helping bring foreign productions to the country. Finally, Noronha Advogados work in this area is also recognised in its support and sponsorship of various Brazilian cinema festivals abroad.

Main activities:

• Monitoring of legislation changes and their impact on business;

• Assistance regarding the drafting of production contracts, licencing and assignment of copyrights, image and other related rights;

• Assistance regarding the drafting of acting and recording contracts;

• Assistance related to drafting contracts of leasing and franchising, acquisition of necessary equipment, structuring the investment and financing issues;

• Assistance on drafting sports contracts;

• Representation of the client’s interests before Governmental Bodies such as Agência Nacional do Cinema – ANCINE (National Agency of Cinema);

• Assistance concerning legal issues related to entertainment law, in the administrative and judicial spheres;

• Assistance for the protection of names, trademarks, ideas and titles.