The U.S. department provides consulting and legal services to both, Brazilian and foreign clients/businesses doing business in the United States as well as American clients/companies coming to Brazil in order to transact business. As such, our U.S. law department works in conjunction with nearly all departments within Noronha Advogados, also employing the support of correspondent local counsel throughout the U.S. whenever the complexity and/or the geographical location of the specific case so requires.

In effect, the American Law Department functions as a bridge-way, connecting our clients to the foreign country – be it Brazil or the United States; providing legal, linguistic, and even cultural insight to Brazilians venturing into the U.S. Legal System and Market as well as to Americans transacting with Brazil. The American Law Department offers assistance in a wide variety of areas, including:

• Corporate Law;

• Agency and Partnership Law;

• Contract Law;

• Trade Law;

• Franchising Law;

• Intellectual Property Law;

• Immigration Law;

• Family Law;

• Wills and Trusts;

• Civil litigation; and

• Alternative Dispute Resolution.